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Friday, May 22, 2009


May 25
The End …and another Beginning.

Well, school has officially ended for the year. I have managed to make it to the finish, yes a little worse for wear mentally, but ready to sink my teeth into something different for this summer. A change of pace is always good. I have a nice week of break while the kids all do their tests, and then come June, I am going to swing into doing my camps. Two straight weeks of hectic game-playing-puzzle-solving-and-English-leaning camp-chaos for 40 some over-suggared kids. Oh joy. I have a feeling I am either going to love it, or I am going to altogether loathe it and it’s going to stress me out to the point of insomnia and I will decide never to bear children. It’s kind of 50/50 at this point. But I hope at least, that I will be prepared and organized enough to avoid complete and total disaster. For someone who never had the slightest desire to work in the public school system, I am finding that I seem to continually put myself into these situations. Hmmm…I guess that old saying about how you can never avoid the fate of genetics might really be true. If a kid’s father is a plumber, and his grandfather is a plumber, then the likelihood of that kid being a plumber is pretty well set, no matter how much he denies it. With all the twists and turns he may take to avoid it, at some point, that kid is going to be fixing leaky pipes in some form or another. Thanks mom and grandma for being teachers. I’ve successfully been cuckolded.
Anyway, this week, classes have pretty much ground to a halt and lessons are pretty much non existent, cause the kids have turned in all the books and teachers are preoccupied with writing up all the records for the year by hand, so I have vacated the classroom and turned my focus to finishing my grant. If all goes as planned, this summer I will successfully get our English Teachers Cabinet up and running. My counterpart and I are planning on setting up a small room in our school for both teachers and students to study and prepare for lessons, and a place to keep all the new teaching materials. Hopefully we’ll get the funds needed to get some good books in place that can help the teachers supplement their lesson plans-as the government provided books (in my opinion) are good enough only for fire kindling and/or toilet paper. So this week I will cross my T’s, dot my I’s and send this sucker off to the capital for revision. And Allah willing here, we’ll get some green to get the ball rolling  Yay, progress. Wish me luck! And ting in summer!!

ALSO, in other news… I want to send a hearty congrats to my lil’ bro Lindsey and his soon-to-be-wife Jamie who are tying the knot next week!!! I wish so much that I could be there with you guys and all the Holbrook gang on the special day to wish you guys the best of luck and to welcome Jamie into our crazy Holbrook/Haggar family-that brings the body count to 9! I’m so happy to have another Lass in the gang, as we officially outnumber the men now . I’ll be homeward bound at the end of summer, so freeze me a piece of cake, have a good Honeymoon, and I’ll see you guys in August!!!

Peace and Doves,

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